If it doesn't challenge you,
it does not change you.

Outstanding Clients
and Projects

Enough Room
for Healthy Ambition

Fair Pay

Hip Corporate Culture

If it doesn’t challenge you, it does not change you

We started AEQUO to change the way the legal business works in our country. Ukraine is still at the inception stage of a modern market for legal services. We feel that our professional and life experience can help our country to become modern and truly European.

At AEQUO we will provide you with great opportunities to use and improve your knowledge and skills while working alongside highly professional, talented and experienced lawyers and administrative staff.

Outstanding Clients and Projects

Most of our clients are household names and corporate heavyweights. We are honored to serve them. And we love challenges because that is what bright minds are made for. There is a world of opportunity waiting for you to get involved and leave your mark on the country’s legal business.

Enough Room for Healthy Ambition

We encourage training and development, as we believe in the importance of continuous growth and learning throughout your career. Our firm provides comprehensive resources to assist the team members with professional development and with reaching their professional and personal goals.

Fair Pay

You work well, you are paid well. On top of a competitive salary, we provide health insurance, social package and a performance based bonus system.

Hip Corporate Culture

We are very proud of our friendly, honest and open working environment, where all employees enjoy their work, genuinely respect each other and are valued members of the team. We prefer cloud solutions over old school IT. We organize New Year celebrations in Ukrainian ski resorts. We believe that working hard means deserving to party hard.


Please send your CV and a brief cover letter to dreamteam@aequo.ua.