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Aequo is one of Ukraine’s top law firms, serving industry leaders in all matters of  transactional and dispute resolution projects. We are fully committed to empowering our clients in order to promote their every success in a challenging and rapidly-changing world.


We design, develop and implement innovative and impactful solutions for the most challenging issues and drive a culture of innovations within the legal sector.

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World Tax 2018-2024

Aequo is amongst the top-performing tax firms in the world

IAM Patent 1000 2018-2023

Highly recommended in the Patent Law

WTR 1000 2015-2023

Highly recommended in Trademark Law


Aequo is committed to following the Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation. We share in recognizing that ''peace, justice and strong institutions are beneficial to the long-term viability of organizations and are foundational for upholding the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).''

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Legal Tech Challenge by Aequo

We are agents of change in the conventional world of legal services. We create and nurture an innovation-friendly environment for Ukrainian legal tech.

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Aequo Friends

AEQUO Friends is our online internship programme for students. We leveled-up the experience of a law firm internship  and offer a flexible distance regime and the ability to choose a practice and industry focus. Interns can also work in impactful pro bono projects because of  our cooperation with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine.

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We started AEQUO to change the way the legal business works in our country. We love challenges because that is what bright minds were designed for. If you are passionate about law and innovation there is a world of opportunity waiting for you to get involved and leave your mark on the country’s legal community.

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