Aequo acts for Darnitsa against an international corporate fraud scheme

Aequo has successfully represented Darnitsa, a leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, in a dispute over title to the 30% stake in the Borshchahivskiy Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant (BCPP), another major Ukrainian pharma manufacturer.

The matter included two cases brought before Ukrainian courts by individuals and entities affiliated with shareholders controlling BCPP. The claimants sought for the court to invalidate the sale by Kiev City of the 30% shares in BCPP to Darnitsa.

The matter was considered by commercial courts and finally resolved by the Supreme Court ruling in two cases in favour of Darnitsa and confirming its title to the shares in BCPP. The rulings of the Supreme Court are final and not subject to any further appeal.

Клієнт: Darnitsa
Індустрія: Life Sciences and Healthcare
Практика: Dispute Resolution