Aequo advised Raiffeisen Bank and Creative Dock on the tax issues connected to the development of Fairo app

Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank, one of the leading banking groups in the world, and its fintech partner, CreativeDock, engaged Aequo to advise on the tax issues arising out of the development of an innovative new mobile platform.

Available as an app called Fairo, the new service is designed to help freelancers and small and medium-sized business owners control their business operations on the go with invoicing and bookkeeping functions.

In seeking to launch a fully digital banking service in Ukraine, Raiffeisen Bank approached our firm to develop a suitable tax structure that would minimise tax liability, and our team responded by identifying the various tax risks and designing a tax-efficient structure.

Клієнт: Raiffeisen Bank
Індустрія: Financial Institutions and Fintech
Практика: Tax and Customs