Aequo defended AUCHAN Retail Ukraine in a dispute arising out of a lease agreement

Aequo team defended AUCHAN Retail Ukraine in a dispute regarding the lease of a real estate item in Kharkiv.

The essence of the dispute was the unlawful deprivation of the right to use leased property, which right was owned by AUCHAN Retail Ukraine, thus causing substantial losses to the client.

Protection of the client's rights required applying a complex approach: to initiate legal proceedings, carry out specialised examinations in the area of real estate and construction, develop a negotiation strategy.

Joint efforts of the Aequo team and AUCHAN Retail Ukraine resulted in an amicable agreement with the lessor, who acknowledged its unlawful conduct and paid damages caused to the client.

Клієнт: AUCHAN Retail Ukraine
Індустрія: Consumer and Retail
Практика: Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Construction