Legal function transformation 

We are agents of change

Innovation is a critical capability for the modern in-house legal function. Now it is time for leaders to be bold and rethink how a modern legal function could operate. We empower in-house legal teams to become ‘future-fit’ and embrace innovations for more effective operations. We assemble an advanced delivery squad for you: we team up with developers, business and design advisors to help you make the transformation into the legal department your CEO dreams of.

What we do

  • Audit the existing operating models of legal department and interaction with in-house client 

  • Rethinking how the function can support business and achieve priority enterprise-wide goals

  • Remodel and redesign workflows, resources and processes to enhance business results 

  • Simplify and rationalize processes to drive greater efficiency  

  • Recruit team members with a wider variety of skills and experiences  

  • Design outsourcing models

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