Aequo acts for a Canadian investor in a multi-million dispute over control in a Kyiv development project

We acted for a Canadian investor in a dispute over control in a real estate development project in the Podil historic neighborhood in Kyiv.

The matter included acting at Ukrainian commercial courts regarding a declaratory relief confirming the investor’s title to the shares in a local company holding the land lease; a case for invalidation of fraudulent transactions covering strip-off of the company assets; a freezing order regarding the company assets; and a case for collection of the loan and criminal proceedings against the officers and beneficiary owners of the entities involved into the embezzlement of money and assets of the investor.

The matter also included acting at the Ukrainian Stock and Securities Market Commission against an asset management company for a fraud damaging the investor, and parallel civil proceedings in US courts against the beneficiary owners of the asset management company.

We also consulted the investor on a potential investment arbitration case against the Ukrainian state in order to reinforce the local remedies as well as in coordination with the client’s GR and communication counsels.

Індустрія: Real Estate and Construction
Практика: Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Construction