Aequo wins another victory in a patent dispute

The Aequo team has successfully acted for Darnitsa, a leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, in a dispute with Zdorovye Pharmaceutical Group and Zdorovye Pharmaceutical Company on invalidation of a patent for invention.

The invention relates to medicine, in particular to the use of a pharmaceutical composition containing the arginine glutamate as an active substance, for the treatment and prevention of pathological pregnancy, namely – the medicinal product Glutargin of Zdorovye.

The dispute was preceded by a lawsuit of Zdorovye against Darnitsa claiming prohibition of the patent use in manufacturing the Arginine-Darnitsa medicinal product.

This dispute has been rumbling on for more than five years and was considered three times in the Supreme Court, which finally resolved the matter and ruled on upholding the first instance court decision on complete invalidation of Zdorovye patent due to lack of novelty. The ruling of the Supreme Court is final and not subject to any further appeal.

Клієнт: Darnitsa
Індустрія: Life Sciences and Healthcare
Практика: Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property