Aequo Successfully Defends Interests of the World’s No.1 Potash Producer at the Supreme Court of Ukraine

10 Березеня 2016

Aequo’s Dispute Resolution Team successfully defended interests of the World’s No.1 potash producer at the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the dispute regarding ownership of the shares worth over USD 6 million.

At the joint hearing session of the Judicial Chambers on civil and commercial cases of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the court granted the client’s application for review of the case. In particular, the Supreme Court of Ukraine accepted the legal arguments of the Aequo’s attorneys that the dispute regarding share ownership is not a corporate dispute, and thus, such dispute shall be considered by the court of general jurisdiction, or commercial court, depending on the parties involved in the dispute.

The Aequo’s counsel Pavlo Byelousov, attorney at law, and senior associate Myroslava Savchuk, attorney at law, represented the client in court proceeding at the Supreme Court of Ukraine.