Aequo defends Darnitsa pharmaceutical company's ownership rights to the "Citramon" trademark

Aequo has successfully defended the intellectual property rights of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Darnitsa in the ‘Citramon’ trademark.

On December 2, 2020, the Commercial Court of the City of Kyiv rendered its judgment, and cancelled the trademark certificate No. 225918 for ‘Citramon-Health’, owned by Zdorovye Pharmaceutical Group, on the basis of its confusing similarity to Darnitsa’s trademark.

Darnitsa has a long-standing history of defending its rights to ‘Citramon’. Earlier, the court cancelled the state registration for the pharmaceutical product ‘Citramon-Health’, manufactured by Zdorovye Pharmaceutical Company, due to the infringement of Darnitsa intellectual property rights.

Tetiana Kudrytska, counsel at Aequo, comments: “The judgement in this case brings clarity to the long-standing dispute over the rights to the Citramon trademark. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work on this project and are confident that Darnitsa’s victory will help to achieve our client's strategic goals for establishing an international pharmaceutical brand.’’

Індустрія: Life Sciences and Healthcare
Практика: Intellectual Property