AEQUO Friends 2019: Second Cohort of Online Internship Has Just Started

12 Березеня 2019

On 11 March 2019, Aequo launched the second cohort of AEQUO Friends, the first-of-a-kind online legal internship programme by a Ukrainian law firm. One of the main objectives of this innovative platform is to give young talents an opportunity to make first steps in their career as future lawyers by developing their skillset and gaining experience in various practices. In addition, it helps to improve the client care experience and contributes to building an effective talent pool.

142 applications were received from students of 32 top universities, living both in Ukraine and abroad (Denmark, Lithuania, USA). After several selection stages consisting of online testing and "Coffee with a Mentor" meetings, 14 of the best and the most promising students were selected to become the new AEQUO Friends – participants of the second round of the internship programme.

Over the course of six months of internship students will interact with mentors through a platform by receiving assignments and feedback online and will be able to choose assignments based on type of work and practice area, thereby becoming better-equipped to make the right career choices and to gain experience while working on landmark projects and becoming members of the AEQUO Friends community. This collaboration offers the opportunity for students to continue their studies in comfort and to arrange their internship in the most efficient manner.

"The first cohort of internship has proven to be a win-win for both the students who were able to get priceless experience while continuing their studies, and Aequo who had enhanced its business processes and effectiveness thanks to AEQUO Friends support. Already second year in a row the online internship has generated such a genuine interest. We are happy to welcome a new pool of law students among our new Friends and we are looking forward to the new round of successful collaboration,” comments Anna Babych, Aequo's Partner.

“AEQUO Friends gives a chance to test your skills in various fields of law, choose interesting tasks and get valuable feedback from mentors. You just need to be connected to the Internet to be able to do it,” comments Mariia Derechina, participant of the first round of AEQUO Friends internship, currently associate at Aequo.