Aequo Friends 2020: the launch of the fourth cohort of online internship has just started

21 Липня 2020

Aequo announces the launch of the fourth cohort of Aequo Friends – the first online internship for lawyers.

The internship is designed for final-year students of law faculties of the Ukrainian universities and those studying abroad and planning to come back to Ukraine. To become the Aequo Friends intern, one should pass a test on and have a meeting with mentors – Aequo’s counsels and senior associates.

During the four-month internship program, students will interact with mentors through the online platform by receiving assignments and feedback. They will be able to choose assignments based on the type of work and practice area thus becoming better-equipped to make the right career choices. This collaboration offers the opportunity for students to continue their studies in comfort and to arrange their internship in the most efficient manner.

The goals of Aequo are to improve the quality of legal education, to give young talents the opportunity to take the first steps in their career development, gaining professional skills and gaining experience in various practices, to increase the level of client care, and to provide effective outstaffing of lawyers for clients in the future.

Aequo Friends internship was launched in 2017. During this time three waves of internships were conducted: 547 students took part in the competition, 41 were offered the internship. Subsequently, 8 students joined the Aequo team.