Aequo Friends 2023: the launch of the eighth cohort of law internship

27 Березеня 2023

Aequo announces the launch of the eighth cohort of Aequo Friends – the internship for lawyers. The internship is designed for third to sixth-year students of law faculties of the Ukrainian universities and those studying abroad and planning to come back to Ukraine.

To become the Aequo Friends intern, one should pass a test – computer quest game – on and an interview with Aequo’s mentors. The eighth cohort of internship Aequo Friends will start in June 2023 and continue for three months. 

A student will be able to choose a format of his/her internship program to work online or offline, in the office.

The students will learn first-hand from our experienced mentors – Aequo’s partners, counsels, and associates – and will be engaged in actual projects from the first day of the program. This opportunity has been designed to provide an insight into the perspective of life as a lawyer to help the interns to make a wise choice in planning their future career. Most interns note that Aequo Friends helped them to choose the specialist area. 25% of the internship program graduates joined Aequo.

Moreover, Aequo Friends offers a unique possibility for the students to be involved in the pro bono social impact work jointly with the UN Global Compact. In 2021, Aequo Friends was named finalist in the Partnership for Sustainability Award 2021 organised by the UN Global Compact in Ukraine.

"Despite the full-scale war in the country, we at Aequo continue making our best efforts to enable young talents to fulfil their potential, gain experience, be involved in the projects aimed at rebuilding of Ukraine. Aequo Friends means more than just internship, since interns become members of the community one of the advantages of which is the possibility to take part in the Aequo Friends Legal Club", comments Anna Babych, Aequo’s Partner.

Aequo Friends internship was launched in 2017.  During this time, seven cohorts have completed the internship program. Students from 30+ higher education institutions of Ukraine, Germany, USA, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, and Lithuania applied for internship in 2017-2022.