Aequo Launches AEQUO Friends Outsourcing Platform

03 Травня 2017

AEQUO announces the launch of a first-of-a-kind outsourcing platform by a Ukrainian law firm – AEQUO Friends.

The project aims to cooperate with experts, in particular notaries, translators and other contractors, as well as provide internships for law students in an innovative format.

The key objective of this innovative platform is to react promptly to unplanned increases in work volumes, enhance business processes, and improve the client care experience, as well as to build an effective talent pool and to ensure effective outstaffing of lawyers to clients in the future.

Law students of universities from all over Ukraine will be the first to benefit from the project, which includes an internship programme in a new, innovative format for young talent who successfully pass pre-selection. Students will interact with mentors through a platform by receiving assignments and feedback online, and will be able to choose assignments based on type of work and practice area, thereby becoming better-equipped to make the right career choices and to gain experience while working on landmark projects and becoming members of the AEQUO Friends community. This collaboration offers the opportunity for students to continue their studies in comfort and to arrange their internship in the most efficient manner.

Anyone interested in the project is invited to fill out an application form at The deadline for submission of applications is 10 September 2017. Presentation of the program and launch of the internship will take place in September.

“AEQUO Friends project is a completely new initiative for a law firm and is a part of AEQUO's innovative strategy. This outsourcing platform fundamentally changes the concept of the traditional approach to working with contractors and student internships, and responds to current time requests," comments Anna Babych, AEQUO's partner.