Aequo Once Again Recommended by FT Innovative Lawyers

06 Жовтня 2016

Aequo once again named an innovative law firm in Europe and commended in Business Development and Knowledge Sharing by FT Innovative Lawyers 2016 research released on October 6, 2016.

Researchers praise Aequo as "one of the first firms to provide legal services online in Ukraine and share knowledge in the cloud with clients. Aequo also commissioned a comprehensive survey of the legal market and shared the results with the profession. Although clients did not say innovation was a priority, competition in the Ukrainian legal market is driving Aequo to differentiate itself through formalizing its client relationship management."

“It is a great recognition that our strategic priorities – client care excellence, industry-focus and innovation – as well as our willingness to share knowledge create added value to our clients and legal market in Ukraine. We are proud this recognition also puts Ukraine on the innovation map across the legal industry of Europe. We would like to thank our colleagues for their innovative spirit, clients for their trust and partners for their support”, comments Denis Lysenko, managing partner at Aequo.

The FT Innovative Lawyers Report has become one of the top legal rankings in Europe and the accompanying awards are widely regarded as the best researched in the market. It presents a unique analysis of the legal industry and is the only ranking of lawyers by innovation. The report is based on thorough research and robust journalism. The Financial Times and RSG Consulting, which compile this annual ranking, have also innovated in the way they organise the research and editorial by moving away from the categories used in previous reports, which followed strict legal practice lines, to emphasise what users of legal services want and need now.

The full version of FT report is available here.